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Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Palace Museum Academy’s Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine was established as a cooperation between the Taihu World Cultural Forum and the Palace Museum Academy and with academic support from the Institute Of Basic Research In Clinical Medicine at the China Academy Of Chinese Medical Sciences. This institute’s aim is to positively respond to the spirit of the important directive by President Xi Jinping about “Chinese medicine and pharmacology being a key to opening the treasury of Chinese civilization”, to employ the advantages of the Palace Museum’s medical cultural resources, to gather high-level talent in the field of Chinese medicine, to build research on palace medicinal culture, and to support the operations of the Healthy China project. The institute employs the spirit of palace medicine culture, develops research on the Palace Museum’s cultural relics, medical cases, imperial medical system, academics, and culture while pioneering new fields in Chinese medicine research; promotes the Chinese health care methods of the palace, publicizes information about the prevention and treatment of illnesses, and creates new platforms for transmitting information about Chinese medicine; develops Chinese health care experiences for focus groups, is forming a model base of medicine-culture fusion for Chinese-medicine health services, conducts research and development on health products inspired by palace medicine, creates new medical brands, seeks to satisfy societal needs, and is establishing a Palace Museum Chinese medicine forum to accelerate academic progress and cultural propagation related to Chinese medicine through academic exchange and gathered talent in order to build a Healthy China and to contribute energy to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Honorary Directors: Yan Zhaozhu, Lu Zhizheng, Wang Yongyan, Chao Enxiang, Chen Keji, Jin Shiyuan, Huang Luqi

Directors: Cao Hongxin, Guan Xueling

Deputy-Directors: Wang Yanping, Zheng Chuanxin, Zhang Huamin