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Jade Institute

The Jade Institute, under the guidance of the Palace Museum Academy and Palace Museum Academic Committee with support from the Department of Objects and Decorative Arts, is an organization aimed at proactively developing and advancing domestic and international academic activities and research on jade objects and jade culture. Grounded in researching jades, the institute is established on the basis of jade materials in the Palace Museum, major museums, collecting organizations, and archaeological digs to conduct scientific research on the material, craftsmanship, structure, authentication, periodization, and properties of jade objects. With a focus on palace jades and jade culture research, the institute also researches rites and customs associated with palace jades and the influence of the emperor’s personal aesthetics on jades. The institute emphasizes multidisciplinary research as studies on jade and jade culture cannot be separated from geology and cultural studies, especially history, fine arts, folklore, religion, and other domains, to develop academic research with deeper levels and additional perspectives while emphasizing research on the connection between jades and jade culture and traditional culture and societal development. The Jade Institute is a platform of cooperative research and exchange for Chinese and international specialists in jade studies and is aimed at accelerating the transformation and popularization of research results through comprehensive, multi-perspective, high-level research and extensive academic exchange. Meanwhile, the institute seeks to train and develop high-quality professionally talented people and form a positive cycle of sustainable development to fundamentally advance the deepening and development of academic research on jade objects and jade culture.

Honorary Director: Yang Boda

Director: Feng Naien

Deputy-Director: Yang Jing, Zhang Linjie, Xu Lin