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Palace Museum Cultural Innovation Institute

The Palace Museum Cultural Innovation Institute is dedicated to advancing the theory and practice of the Palace Museum's cultural and creative work and driving the intensive development of China's cultural and creative industry. As a leader in the museum-related cultural and creative industry, the institute is committed to pursuing the innovative development of the Palace Museum. The museum works to maintain its leading role in the industry, making remarkable achievements in promoting cross-sector cultural integration and developing cultural brands. The institute additionally taps into the potential of the Palace Museum-themed cultural IPs, conducts in-depth research, aims to drive the upgrading and innovation of cultural industry, and contributes to the development of Chinese culture and brands. It also promotes greater synergy between industry, academia, research, and application in specific areas and advances the sustainable development of practice, ensuring more socio-economic benefits for the Palace Museum. With its successful experience, the institute hopes to steer more museums and cultural institutions into pursuing integrated development with other industries.

The institute will establish long-term and stable strategic partnerships with experts and scholars from well-known universities and institutions across museums and culture, as well as groups and individuals who have made outstanding achievements. It will also actively hold seminars on specific topics and bolster the integrated development of the museum-related cultural and creative industry with other sectors, to achieve the mutual transformation of theory and practice. The institute works to steer development in the right direction and prioritizes social benefits while considering economic interests. It also pools professional resources from various fields to support the research projects of the Palace Museum by collaborating with universities, research institutions, and industry representatives. Joint research projects and education programs related to "Cultural and Creative Studies" will be carried out with universities. The institute also works with universities to carry out plans to nurture high-caliber talent.

Director: Lou Wei