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The Palace Museum Institute

The Palace Museum Institute is a training and education institution. It is also the first "college" established in China with a museum-based education model. To meet the latest development needs of the museums and cultural heritage protection work in China, the institute based on the Palace Museum's overall development, carries out various forms of training programs and educational activities through multiple channels to provide training services for the museum, the industry, the country, and the world. It aims to cultivate more professional experts in the field of museums and fulfill its mission of serving society and providing education to the general public.

The institute will focus on serving the needs of the Palace Museum, improving its system for training employees, and exploring training models and mechanisms suitable for museum staff. It will also help employees develop new ideas and skills, enhance capacity building and inspire them to apply practical skills. By leveraging the Palace Museum's strengths in fields such as cultural relic identification, protection, and repair of cultural relics, museum management, and the study of court history and architecture, the institute aims to support domestic and foreign museums and related industries, to become a significant talent training base for domestic cultural and museum industry. The institute will also work to build up its brand and reputation, and cultivate a team of young and middle-aged experts within the Palace Museum through teacher-student mutual learning.