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REN Wanping
Deputy Director

Ren Wanping, female, Han ethnicity, was born in December 1964. She holds a master’s degree in history. After beginning her career in August 1990, Ren is now a Senior Research Fellow in Museology (the highest professional title).

Ren was deputy director of the Department of Palace Life and Imperial Ritual and deputy director and then director of the Department of Objects and Decorative Arts of the Palace Museum. She now serves as deputy director of the Palace Museum. She was a specialist with the National Project for the Compilation of Qing Dynasty History. She is also vice chairman of the Chinese Museums Association. Her current role involves oversight of the Department of Paintings and Calligraphy, the Department of Objects and Decorative Arts, the Department of Palace Life and Imperial Ritual, and the Library of the Palace Museum.

Ren primarily focuses on studying political systems, etiquettes and customs of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), especially imperial rituals and customs that integrated various features of the historical period. She has developed an evidential methodology which combines academic publications, archival resources, and examination of cultural relics to produce analysis of the origin and development of Qing Dynasty rituals and customs. In recent years, she has introduced image studies to her methodology to verify, analyze, and supplement documents and archives related to the Qing Dynasty. She has given lectures in museums and universities at home and abroad, vividly describing the imperial rituals and customs and the cultural significance embedded in traditional culture that should be preserved and promoted.

Ren has curated and directed several large-scale comprehensive exhibitions at the Palace Museum including “Dragon and Phoenix: Qing Emperors’ Grand Weddings,” “The World Rejoices as One: Celebrating Imperial Birthdays in the Qing Dynasty,” “Celebrating the Spring Festival in the Forbidden City,” and “Everlasting Splendor: Six Centuries at the Forbidden City.” She has also curated a series of themed and comprehensive exhibitions at home and abroad. She is chief author and compiler of a dozen books and has published dozens of papers and monographs.