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Office of Fire Protection

The Office of Fire Protection is responsible for fire protection in the Palace Museum.

The office’s major duties are as follows:

1. to supervise and inspect the implementation of laws and regulations related to fire protection issued by the state and local governments; to supervise and inspect the implementation of fire protection tasks assigned by the superior units; to supervise and inspect the implementation of the Palace Museum’s fire protection regulations;

2. to establish and improve fire protection organizations and formulate fire safety regulations and operating procedures for fire safety;

3. to compile plans on fire protection education, offer pre-job fire safety training for employees, and organize regular fire safety education and training for employees and personnel engaged in business and construction work in the Palace Museum;

4. to exercise daily fire prevention patrol and keep records of the patrols; to conduct special fire safety inspections; to organize inspections on fire safety and supervise and urge the prompt elimination of potential fire hazards;

5. to formulate precautionary plans for fire protection and organize drills in this respect, and promptly cope with fire emergencies;

6. in conformity with national and industrial standards, install fire-protection facilities and apparatus, put up signs for fire safety, and conduct regular inspection and maintenance to make sure that they remain in good condition and functional;

7. to keep the passageways for evacuation, safety exits, and passageways for fire engines unblocked, and make sure that the division of areas for fire and smoke protection and the fire breaks meet the technological standards for fire protection;

8. to supervise and inspect the electrical facilities and equipment and work with relevant departments to test lightning protection facilities;

9. to approve and manage the use of fire and electric heating appliances;

10. to review contingency plans for fire protection before holding mass activities and film and video production, and conduct fire control security checks on site;

11. to supervise and inspect the implementation of the safety accountability system for fire prevention and conduct fire safety inspections on entities engaging in business and construction work in the Palace Museum;

12. to provide opinions and advice for construction projects of which the national fire protection technical standards for project construction require a fire protection design, supervise the implementation of the design and take part in final inspection for fire protection;

13. to assist public security and fire control institutions in identifying causes of fire and provide suggestions to handling entities and persons in charge. Entities and individuals noted for outstanding contributions to fire preparedness shall be commended and rewarded. Entities and individuals who violate the Provisions on the Administration of Fire Control Safety of the Palace Museum shall be punished following relevant regulations; 

14. to complete other tasks assigned by the superior units and the Palace Museum leadership.