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Department of Security Technologies
The Department of Security Technologies is responsible for building and improving the Palace Museum’s system for security technologies.

The department’s major duties are as follows:

1. to carry out unified management of the security systems in all areas within the protection of the Palace Museum;

2. to stay up-to-date on the latest security technologies and provide technical consulting services, and propose feasibility studies for the introduction of new technologies, products, and equipment;

3. to manage routine technical work, with a focus on designing, writing, filling out, collecting, organizing, reviewing, and approving regulations, drawings, materials, and records;

4. to research and develop new security technologies that meet the specific needs of the Palace Museum, provide an objective and comprehensive reference for the design and effective use of new and improved security systems to avoid waste and maximize resources to ensure safety;

5. to conduct regular maintenance of security facilities and equipment and provide guidance on establishing complete and systematic mechanisms for operation, management, and maintenance;

6. to guide and help control room operators to understand the function of the alarm system, acquire the skills to operate it, and identify the location of the raised alarm and handle the emergencies appropriately;

7. to review the part related to safety and security prevention in design plans for new construction, expansion, and renovation projects, and supervise and conduct final inspections on construction projects; 

8. to complete other tasks assigned by the superior units and the Palace Museum leadership.