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Palace Museum, GS Charity Foundation and HKPM sign collaboration memorandum on cultural inheritance work

The launch ceremony for a Yuhua Pavilion research-based protection project was held Friday at the Studio of Esteemed Excellence (Jingsheng zhai) at the Palace Museum. The event also saw the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the Palace Museum and the GS Charity Foundation regarding the cultural inheritance work of the Hong Kong Palace Museum (HKPM).

Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, former chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR); Wang Xudong, a member of the Party Leadership Group of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and director of the Palace Museum; Yang Xun, vice chairman and general manager of Glorious Sun Group; and Louis Ng Chi-wa, director of the HKPM, delivered speeches at the event. Betty Fung Ching Suk-yee, CEO of the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority of the HKSAR, and Lou Wei, executive deputy director of the Palace Museum, were also present. Zhu Hongwen, deputy director of the Palace Museum, presided over the ceremony.

In the presence of Carrie Lam and Wang Xudong, the memorandum was signed by Lou Wei, Yang Xun, and Louis Ng Chi-wa. Over the next five years, with support from the Palace Museum and the GS Charity Foundation, the HKPM plans to organize large thematic exhibitions on deepening cultural exchange and promoting mutual learning among civilizations. It will also hold a series of cultural exchange activities, such as the GS Visiting Fellows Programme at the HKPM, the Hong Kong and Mainland Youth Internship Programme at the Palace Museum, and the Hong Kong Students’ Chinese Cultural Experience Programme. Additionally, collaborative efforts will be made to develop high-quality educational resources.

Wang Xudong spoke of the historic mission undertaken by the Palace Museum to jointly preserve and promote fine traditional Chinese culture alongside the HKPM. The signing of this memorandum represents a significant milestone in their collaboration. He expressed gratitude to the GS Charity Foundation for its support in the Yuhua Pavilion research-based protection project and the cultural inheritance work of the HKPM. He also thanked Carrie Lam for facilitating support from various enterprises in Hong Kong for Palace Museum projects. Additionally, he acknowledged the contributions of people from all walks of life who were concerned about the Palace Museum's development.

Carrie Lam reviewed the challenging journey of establishing and opening the HKPM and reflected on its notable achievements. She voiced hope that the HKPM would leverage its unique advantage and use its strategic position as a bridge between China and the rest of the world to further promote Chinese culture and enhance the sense of identity and cultural confidence of the people of Hong Kong. She also highlighted the historic mission of the HKPM to facilitate exchange and dialogue between the East and the West, as well as the significance of cultural heritage inheritance.

Yang Xun said that since its establishment, Glorious Sun Group has been dedicated to making contributions to society through public welfare and charitable activities, as well as fulfilling its social responsibilities. The group has been committed to upholding fine traditional Chinese culture while pursuing innovative development, developing China's cultural sector, and enhancing mutual learning and understanding among civilizations. He also noted that the group stands ready to work together with the Palace Museum and the HKPM to enhance cultural exchange between the people of Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, especially the younger generation, and to foster a sense of confidence in Chinese culture.

Louis Ng Chi-wa expressed his appreciation for the donation from Glorious Sun Group and extended thanks to Carrie Lam, Wang Xudong, and colleagues from the Palace Museum for their support in the development of the HKPM. He said the HKPM would seize historic opportunities and strengthen cooperation with the Palace Museum to promote fine traditional Chinese culture. Efforts will also be made to bolster cultural confidence among the youth, facilitate international exchanges, foster mutual learning among civilizations, and build modern Chinese civilization.

Following the event, Carrie Lam, Wang Xudong and other guests visited the Yuhua Pavilion to conduct on-site inspections of the building and cultural relics. The Yuhua Pavilion research-based protection project aims to continuously foster a team of experts from different fields and institutions and build a research platform, and improve its academic research regarding the cultural significance and value of the Yuhua Pavilion. The project also seeks to enhance the cultural confidence of the Chinese people and to better tell China’s stories to the world.

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