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Leveraging Platform Advantages, Integrating Concepts into Practice

For the Palace Museum’s personnel, we encourage zero-waste office norms and promote energy conservation and emission reduction while applying modifications and systemic developments to canteens based on corresponding conditions, advancing the normalization of the Clean Plate Campaign, continuously carrying out zero-waste management training and activities, and constantly heightening a zero-waste awareness among all staff.

For tour guides as well as the Palace Museum’s docents and volunteers, a combination of informative materials and tools have been developed to expand waste sorting training, including The Zero Waste Palace Museum: Tour Guide Manual, and a zero-waste toolkit for tour guides.

For visitors and the general public, the project has introduced immersive, interactive models and established long-term platforms, such as Zero Waste Dining Culture Week and The Palace Museum Birding Guide, to create positive experiences as people learn about the impact of their choices.

With support from the Palace Museum’s comprehensive media platforms and a full demonstration of the Zero Waste Palace Museum’s results, visitors and the general public are encouraged to develop the zero-waste concept through on-site tours and online interactions.