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Institute of Conservation Science

The Institute of Conservation Science is a non-designated institution for scientific research affiliated to the Palace Museum Academy. Under the guidance of the Palace Museum Academy and the Palace Museum Academic Committee, the institute focuses on movable cultural heritage for research with a primary interest in conservation science as related to cultural heritage and artifacts. Supported by the Palace Museum’s Department of Conservation Science, the institute has academic research and training for talented personnel as primary purposes while positively developing academic research, training outstanding talent in protection and restoration methods, and advancing academic exchange with domestic and international conservation research organizations.

The institute encourages researchers to participate in the institute’s name in scientific research projects and topics sponsored by ministries and departments on the national, provincial, and municipal level. Furthermore, it seeks to develop research topics related to the preservation and restoration of cultural relics, including researching methodology for conservation and technical craftsmanship of every kind, analyses of scientific tests on all types of materials used in cultural artifacts, materials used in protection and restoration, the preventative protection of cultural objects, and other areas. In so doing, the institute advances the research of traditional craftsmanship in protection and conservation while enhancing the organization and summary of traditional methods for protecting and restoring cultural relics and continuing the legacy of and promoting traditional techniques. Meanwhile, it accelerates the introduction and utilization of modern scientific technology and expedites the blending of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology in conservation while advancing training for talented personnel in every type of research and conservation effort. In treating every cultural object that enters the Hospital for Cultural Relics as an individual research project, the institute is able to accumulate conservation cases and improve the conservation proficiency at the Palace Museum while improving the overall conservation proficiency throughout China. In strengthening the exchange and cooperation between the Palace Museum’s conservation work and that of museums and research organizations around the world, the institute seeks to advance the Palace Museum’s conservation enterprise on the world stage while shaping a world-class team for cultural heritage conservation.

Director: Song Jirong

Deputy-Director: Shi Ningchang, Lei Yong