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WANG Yuegong
Deputy Director

Wang Yuegong, male, Han ethnicity, born in January 1969, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree. Beginning his career in August 1991, he is now a Senior Research Fellow in Museology (the highest professional title).

Wang successively served as deputy director and director of the Department of Palace Life and Imperial Ritual of the Palace Museum. He now works as deputy director of the Palace Museum, director of the Institute of Court Opera of the Palace Museum and a postdoctoral supervisor at the museum’s Postdoctoral Research Center. He is also in charge of the Merchandising Supervision Department, the Collection Management Department, the Exhibition Department, the Forbidden City Publishing House, the North District Management Department, and the Cultural Products and Services.

For decades, Wang has been primarily engaged in the preservation, sorting, and study of court collectibles and the planning and curation of various exhibitions. He led a project to sort and review all court collectibles in the Palace Museum. His primary research areas are cultural relics of Tibetan Buddhism and court opera. Invited by the National Cultural Heritage Administration, he has helped other museums with collectible appraisal and grading many times. He has published many papers such as “Research on Yuan Dynasty Tantric Buddhist Sculptures at Feilai Peak, Hangzhou,” “On Classical Chinese Qin-Zither of Emperor Qianlong’s Court,” and “Several Historical Questions Regarding Tibetan Buddhism in the Yongzheng Court.” Wang has participated in the compilation of voluminous monographs such as Complete Collection of Treasures in the Palace Museum: Tibetan Buddhist Sculptures, Complete Collection of Palace Furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and The Fortune and Longevity of Sumeru: An Encounter between the Tashi Lhunpo Monastery and the Palace Museum. He has directed dozens of exhibitions in the Palace Museum and other museums, both in China and abroad, including “Lingering Voice of the Sages: The Culture of Qin” in the Palace of Accumulated Purity, “Lightness of Essence,” “Beyond Boundaries: Cartier and the Palace Museum Craftsmanship and Restoration Exhibition,” “Beauty Unites Us – Chinese Art from the Vatican Museums,” and “Mirroring the Heart of Heaven and Earth – Ideals and Images in the Chinese Study.”